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Bigger Butt Exercise: How To Build a Bigger Booty(Video)

In need of a good workout that will make your butt bigger, rounder, and firmer? Check out this amazing exercise that will help built your butt nicely. This is how you can get a bigger butt and a nice fit body ready for summer!

Best Ab Workout for Women: Melt Away Your Belly! (Video)


Get a Bigger Butt Fast & "Make Hips Wider" Natually

How To Make Your Butt Bigger & Hips Wider Naturally
The female body comes in all different shapes and sizes. The typical female figure is usually narrow at the waist and wider at the hips and breast. For a woman to have wide hips and a big butt for some symbolize the ideal female body. Although this may be true, everyone is born different with different genetics. 

Some women may be portioned in size, and some may tend to gain more weight in their upper or lower bodies. It's all due to your genetics and although you may be able to change some features, genetics play a big role in how you distribute fat.

For those looking to get a bigger butt while decreasing your upper body pay attention to these four tips on just how to make your butt bigger and your hips wider.

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1). Increase Estrogen Level
Estrogen has a lot to do with how you distribute fat. If your estrogen levels are low and testosterone high, you may tend to carr…

"What is Maca" & Why Does It Make Your Butt Bigger

What is Maca & Why Does It Make Your Butt Bigger? Maca Root (found in South America) is a plant used for food and medical purposes. Maca Root is widely known to increase energy, stamina, & sexual function for both men and women. It is usually taken as a pill, powder, or liquid form.
Long term use will result in enhance sexual performance and can also help improve fertility in women. Maca also have other helpful medical benefits.

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* Help with fatigue * Symptoms of menopause * Sexual dysfunction in men and women * help depression  * And also aid in the treatment of certain cancers Why does Maca help make your butt bigger?
With the trend now being embracing curves like BeyoncĂ© or Kim Kardashian, many people are now seeking ways to enhance their butt naturally. There are now many claims that Maca Root can actually make your bigger butt over time. But how? Although genetics have a lot to do with h…