Get a Bigger Butt Fast & "Make Hips Wider" Natually

How To Make Your Butt Bigger & Hips Wider Naturally

The female body comes in all different shapes and sizes. The typical female figure is usually narrow at the waist and wider at the hips and breast. For a woman to have wide hips and a big butt for some symbolize the ideal female body. Although this may be true, everyone is born different with different genetics. 

Some women may be portioned in size, and some may tend to gain more weight in their upper or lower bodies. It's all due to your genetics and although you may be able to change some features, genetics play a big role in how you distribute fat.

For those looking to get a bigger butt while decreasing your upper body pay attention to these four tips on just how to make your butt bigger and your hips wider.

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1). Increase Estrogen Level

Estrogen has a lot to do with how you distribute fat. If your estrogen levels are low and testosterone high, you may tend to carry most of your fat in your upper body or hardly any fat at all. If you notice that you're gaining more weight in your upper body rather than lower then you may have a hormonal imbalance which is common among many people. But there are several solutions to fix this problem.

First, you want to speak with your doctor. He/She may have you undergo hormonal therapy which in the long run can help you produce more estrogen. Secondly, there are several natural products on the market that will help regulate your hormones. Here below is a list of the top natural herbs to help with hormonal imbalance:

· Maca
· Dong quai
· Alfalfa
· Fenugreek
· Soy
· Aguaje
· Women’s whole food based multivitamins

It is important to speak with your doctor before taking any kind of supplements.

2). Try Wearing A Corset

Now I know the word corset may make you think terrible and uncomfortable thoughts especially wearing them constantly but this, in the long run, can actually help your waist stay small. The whole objective of a corset is to pull in your waist so that your stomach looks flatter. Corsets can also enhance the appearance of your breasts and hips by pushing the fat from your waist down to your butt and up to your breasts.  Although most corsets are highly uncomfortable, finding the right fit can help cut out some of the discomfort.

What are some benefits of wearing a corset?

·         Improved posture
·         Great back support
·         Instantly makes your waist smaller
·         Bigger butt and breasts

Keep in mind that corsets restrict the flexibility of your torso, and can also make it harder to breathe depending on how tight you make it.  You may find it harder to do certain things such as bending over or sitting down but over time your body will begin to adapt to the corset.

3). Wearing The Right Pair Of Jeans

If you want to make your hips wider, you may want to reconsider some of the styles and colors you wear every day. For example, if you find yourself wearing dark colored pants and light colored shirts then you are putting more attention on your upper body rather than lower. 

For this reason, you want to start wearing light pants with a dark colored shirt this will create the illusion of wider hips and a smaller waist.  Wearing the right pair of pants can really determine how your butt looks. You want to make sure you find pants that are tight (not super tight to avoid muffin top) and stretchy so that your pants will hug your butt. Skinny jeans are perfect for showing your natural curves and making your hips appear wider.

*Quick tip: You can also try wearing a belt with your jeans to help make your butt look bigger.

**Quick tip: Try to not wear tops that are horizontal strips or crazy patterns. Loud colored shirts will only emphasize your waist. Stick to dark colored tops.

4). Straighten up your posture

If you're going for the hourglass look you have to think like a runway model. Try to improve your posture by frequently reminding yourself to throw your shoulders back and arch your lower back. By doing this you will begin to see your butt stick out more, your waist smaller, and your breast appear bigger

Your Homework:

1.       Talk to your doctor and research ways to increase your estrogen levels.
2.       Find the perfect corset that is comfortable and start wearing it often.
3.       Start wearing light colored pants to give the illusion of wider hips.
4.       Start working on straightening up your posture. Research some e
xercise and stretches

  that will help improve your posture and balance. 

Happy Butt Growing (^_^)

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