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Top Butt Pills That Will Make Your Butt Bigger Fast And Naturally

So you decided that you want to add butt enhancement pills to your natural bigger butt journey? If you have chosen to go this route, there are certain steps you need to keep in mind before jumping in and buying the first product you see that looks promising.  For this post, I have put together the top most effective bigger butt pills and the ones you should avoid at all cost! 

The products I will be going over are some that I recommend from personal experience and some that I would never recommend based on horrible experiences.  This is to ensure that you find the best butt pills suited for your own personal needs, not only for your safety but your pockets as well. I have listed each product ascending from best to worst. Also, I will be going over some alternative methods to get a bigger butt other than pills. So with that being said, let us begin...

Bigger Butt Pills

   #1. Major Curves

Major Curves is by far the best natural buttock enhancement pills I have come across for butt growth! When I first began taking these pills I was very unsure if this supplement would actually make my butt bigger due to my past experiences with bad products but that doubtfulness quickly went away once I stated seeing the results.  The mixture of ingredients in this product are 100% natural, safe, and effective. Many including myself, started seeing a bigger butt fast and the price is relatively low.. To read my full review on Major Curves Click Here 

#2. Maca Root

With the trend now being embracing curves like BeyoncĂ© or Kim Kardashian, many people are now seeking ways to enhance their butt naturally. There are now many claims that Maca Root can actually make your bigger butt over time. But how? Although genetics have a lot to do with how you distribute fat, hormones also play an important role as well. If your hormones are wacky you may tend to carry more fat in your upper body or vice versa.

Usually women with high levels of estrogen store more fat in their hips or breast. However, there are some women who produce less estrogen and more androgen and tend to store more fat in their upper body. If you find that you store more fat in your upper body rather than lower, then supplements like Maca is a great start to help regulate your hormones. As a result, your fat will start to distribute more in your hips and butt as your estrogen levels increase.

#3. Brand New Booty

Brand New Booty is an all-natural butt pill that claims to increases your estrogen levels. When this dietary supplement first hit the market it was an incredibly inexpensive product (starting off at 20 bucks) and several women were doubtful if this supplement would actually work. Setting their uncertainty aside, many jumped in and gave brand new booty a try since the ingredients are all natural and FDA approved.  

Well that was the icing on the cake, and after a few months brand new booty grew to one of the top butt enhancing supplements! Along with their growth in popularity, their price tag has also increased but is still fairly affordable starting at 44 bucks for a one months supply.  Since the beginning of their first lunging, BNB came out with a new and improved version called Brand New Booty Version 5.0 with better ingredients for even better bigger butt results!

Here below are some of the reviews by real women that have seen success with the old brand new booty formula 4.0

Here are some before and after pictures of women that took Brand New Booty:

#4. Gluteboost


Gluteboost supplements contain most of the same ingredients that other butt pills have. These similar ingredients perform genuinely well to increase the measurement of your butt. Not only does the Gluteboost increase the size of your butt, it also claims to assists in decreasing other areas of your body wherever you have excess fat.  The price starts at 60 bucks for a one month supply so it is a bit expensive and is definitely not guaranteed to work.  

Here below are some of the reviews by real women that took GluteBoost

Here are some before and after pictures of women that took Gluteboost:

#5. Dime Curves

   DimeCurves, for me, was a BIG disappointment! When I first came across dime curves I was sucked in by the fancy webpage design and the “supposed” before and after pictures. This is where I went wrong! I didn't do my research first. As a result, I ended up coming out of almost 300 dollars and no butt to show for it!

For one, the price tag for dime curves is way too expensive in my book.  For a one month’s supply only you’ll be looking at coughing up 65 dollars and 116 for a two months’ supply!  But I ignored the price tag and thought I would give Dime Curves a try. At first, because of my doubtfulness, I only ordered a one month’s supply just to see if this product would work for me.  

After my purchase, I was extremely excited to receive my package, and was ready to start gaining inches around my butt. So a week went by, then two weeks went by, and I was still waiting for my butt pills to come! After about two weeks my package finally came and I began taking my supplements as instructed.

I started by taking two capsules a day one in the morning and one before bedtime; same time every day. After a month I wasn't too shocked to see that I haven’t seen any results. After all, the company did mention that it will take about 3 months before you start seeing any real results.

So I order an additional 4 month supply. I just knew that this butt pill will grow my butt to my liking… NOT! I took the pills in the same order, 2 a day… one in the morning and before bedtime and after three additional months I still didn't see any different in my measurements! I even started to increase my dosage to two more additional pills a day and nothing... So in the end Dime Curves was a complete waste of my time and money! 

But just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it didn't work for others. So if you’re willing to give them a shot Click Here to view the Dime Curves official website!

Other Methods Beside Butt Pills:

Fish Oil 
Many women including me have found much success by simply rubbing fish oil on your butt once or twice a day.  Just to warn you there is a bit of a smell so make sure to wrap plastic wrap around your butt after applying the oil or find unscented fish oil pills. If you do this 2 times a day with 1 – 2 capsules per butt cheek, you should start seeing result within 2 to 3 weeks.

Butt Workouts With Weights

Weight training is a great way to get a bigger butt! Click Here to see my top weight included exercises that will make your butt bigger fast!

Butt lifters

Butt lifters work but simply pushing your butt up under your cloths making it looking bigger instantly! If you wear them long enough your butt will actually begin to lift naturally.

I hope the above information have shed some light on effective ways to make your butt bigger 100% naturally by including butt pills to your regimen.

Remember to away do your research before buying any butt enhancement, and check with your doctor first before starting any supplement. 

Happy Butt Growing (^_^) 


  1. My comment is towards the #5 dime curves testimonial. I and some other girls in my forum actually love dime curves and I know every body is different but I've been using then for 11 months and have fell in love with the results. Me and a couple of other girls are featured in their new results video. Check me out on their YouTube channel. Good luck on your quest but I'm sure you'll find a the results. Your looking for like we did

  2. Does brand new booty works cz people keep telling me all these enhancement pills are a scam and associated with chicken pills. Help

  3. buttock implants were traditionally placed under the skin and fat, over the butt muscles. This was the habit of most surgeons because it was relatively simple and easily learned.

  4. Dime Curvaceous pills doesn't work, it is a waste of money and time. Don't believe the positive reviews on their website or on the internet, it is all fake and mostly made by Dime Curvaceous itself or paid reviewers. At the end it only requires an email to write a review. And when I asked for their phone number, they didn't reply back at all. And when I emailed them to pay me back since they offer "Money Back Guarantee", they simply refused.
    Facts are:

    1) The product doesn't have one single clear image on the internet, so you can't read the manufacturer name the address, or nutrition facts on the bottle.
    2) The product doesn't have any certificate or at least one research paper to prove their claims.
    3) When you email them, you will always receive a reply back from a different person on the same issue (Stephanie R., Karn L., Janice S., Jessica E., Amy G.,...). It is clear that they are hiding their identity.
    4) 100% they are not based in US. They are either East Asia or Africa. Don't believe Lewisville, TX 75029 address.
    5) They review all the comments on youtube. Don't waste your time exposing their scam.

  5. Haz neone tried Booty Boost Extreme? I am taking it now and I think its working. Gunna try for 3 more months

    1. Yes they have been working for me. I tried them all and Booty Boost extreme works for me

    2. i just got the booty boost extreme pills, and i'm kinda sceptic.
      Are they really work withou any side effects ?

  6. I took a big chance and ordered the pills from the site " Bootypill.com" and I dont understand why theyre not the biggest pill out there. Your butt grows along with the hips sadly the results arent permanent if you stop taking them. I bought the 6 month supply and take two pills a day one in the day with a meal and one right before bed time. The pills contain diosgenia,progesterone and tribulus. The site looks very shady because they dont use actual customers pictures rather they use plastic surgery before and afters. I would gladly send them my before and after pictures but I guess if they are still in business the look of the site must be of no consequence.

  7. Would like to buy so which is the best

  8. I just purchased glutboost.. now I'm thinking twice about using this product since brand new bioty sounds like I would of gotten better results. Hopefully it works crossing my finger. Will keep you updated

  9. I take booty boost extreme pills as well. so far so good.

    1. OMG! i just received my booty boost extreme pills but wasn't sure if they actually work. Are you seeing results and how long have you been taking it?

    2. ashton-anonymousApril 5, 2014 at 7:08 PM

      I started taking in January. So far I am starting to see results. I have definitely noticed a difference in my jeans. :-)

  10. I can't wait to try brand new booty pills I never takin butt pills before I got mine off Amazon.com but I tried to get booty pills but there page looks fake I put my card num in but wat confused me I tried to get in touch with the company but I was wondering is brand new booty pills are the best better than other pills cuz seen some yodi pills in botcho cream I heard thts the best but I don't wanna num to expensive in I seen soon brand new booty cream mmm well I hope brand new booty work for me in my hips

  11. hahahha....poor people.....if big butt is not in your genes....its not gonna work...hahhhhhhaha....pathetic...maybe try and move to Africa and adopt the diet.....it may help.

    1. If thats true why are people on forums uploading clear before and after pills of themselves ? Dumbass

    2. You are very stupid for this comment. What the hell does Africa got to do with growing a bigger butt? Grow the hell up. You don't need to be commenting on here. You are a dumb ass.

  12. Y r u even on the page commenting? Clearly your the pathetic one...get a life

  13. I tried the fish oil it didnt work for me . It stinked so bad. I had to throw out the clothes i used at that time. I also asked my dr. About maca and all these butt enhancement pills he said they don't.work. So im scared to try them

    1. maca roots pills does wonders,have used it for 2months now & have started seeing results.my body structure was a big concern for me cos i have a big breast wit a flat butt,so wen i heard about maca root pills i decided 2 try it out & it's working,my butt &hips are increasing now,but i do some physical exercise with it so dat i won't get fat.

  14. Does anyone know gluteboost pills side effects? ?

  15. I just want to know why the comments were made about Africa. What the hell does that have't to do with a bigger butt? Your very stupid for that comment.

  16. Am a lady with a natural inverted V shape. Its genetic actualy cos my mum has d same shape. I seriously desire to hav wide hips and big butts. My hip is narrow n my butt is flat. Would MACA product work for me? Plz reply

  17. Does mega glute boost work?

  18. I order it for the first time

  19. hey girls I just bought iso curve does it work? has anyone tried please let me know

  20. the full name isosensualscurve its a cream.


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