How To Transform From An Apple Shaped Body To Hourglass: Complete Guide

Coming from an apple shaped women, I truly understand the frustrations when having concerns about this particular body shape. 

To be considered an apple shape body type, you should mainly store the majority of your body fat in your belly, upper arms, and back instead of gaining in your lower body. 

This, for many, can lead to low self-esteem and self-image problems when living in a world that praises hourglass and pear shaped women!

Although living with this body shape can be discouraging, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Plenty of apple shaped women have transformed their bodies into a curvier hourglass appeal, and it is possible to achieve this body type with a little hard work and dedication.

In this guide, I will be going over hormonal imbalances, how to really determine if you are indeed an apple shaped body, and all the all steps you should take in order to go from an apple to an hourglass shape. So with that being said, let us begin.

Determining Your Body Type: Are You Really an Apple Shape?

Determining your body shape can sometimes be a big challenge. For example, your dominant body type may very well be an apple shaped body, but it is also possible to have a mixture of another body shape. 

Therefore, making it harder to be certain whether you're one body shape or another. So, before we get into how to alter the apple shape body we first need to determine whether this is actually your body type. 

First, you want to take notice of where you gain the most weight and what areas are the thinnest. So for example, you may notice you gain your extra weight in your belly or breasts and hardly have any fat going to your hips and thighs.

Second, take notice of the shape of your waist. Pay attention to whether you have a curve above your belly button going down to your hips, a straight torso, or a full torso.
Next, you want to begin taking your bust, waist, and hip measurements


1.  Make sure to wear as less clothing as possible
2. Grab a soft measuring tape
3.  Take the tape and wrap it around the widest part of your bust until the ends of the tape meet.  Make sure to not pull too tight.
4.  Next, look to see what number the tape meets at.
5. Write down your bust measurement


1.       Make sure to wear as less clothing as possible.
2.       Take the measurement tape 1 inch above your belly button.
3.       Do not suck in your stomach. You want your waist to be at its most naturalist state.
4.       Wrap the tape around and look to see what number the tape meets at. Make sure to not pull too tight.
5.       Write down your waist measurement.


!. Make sure to wear as less clothing as possible.
2. Take a soft measuring tape and wrap it around the widest part of your hips.
3. Look to see what number the tape meets at.
4. Write down your hips measurement.
After measuring all area, you want to study your numbers. If you are indeed an apple shape your measurements should look something like this 38-36-30. This indicates that your upper body is bigger than your lower body.

Here are some characteristics of the apple shaped body:

· Broad Shoulders

· Bigger Breasts

· Wide Waist/ Undefined Waist

· Narrow Hips

· Flat Butt

· Skinny Legs

How A Hormonal Imbalance May Be The Cause...

Sometimes when your hormones are unbalanced you may notice that your fat is being distributed in unwanted areas such as your belly. There are many different reasons that can cause a hormonal imbalance. For one, as you age your estrogen levels can naturally decrease on its own (think of menopause symptoms).

Another reason can be due to pregnancy. When you are pregnant, your body goes through all sorts of hormonal changes and it is only natural to notice some loss of estrogen during and after pregnancy. 

Also, lifestyles such as diet, fitness, and smoking can play into why you are gaining most of your weight in your upper body.  

How To Balance Your Hormones

Estrogen has a great deal to do with how you distribute body fat. If your estrogen amounts are reduced and testosterone substantial, you may possibly have a tendency to hold most of your excess fat in your upper body or barely any fat at all. 

If you observe that you are gaining additional weight in your upper body instead of lower then you may perhaps have a hormonal discrepancy which is common among numerous of individuals. But there are various remedies to correct this issue.

First, you want to talk with your physician. He/She could have you go through hormonal treatments which in the long run can enable you to produce more estrogen. Secondly, there are several organic products on the market that will help normalize your hormones. 

Here listed below is a list of the best all-natural herbal products to assist with hormonal imbalance:

· Maca
· Dong Quai
· Alfalfa
· Fenugreek
· Soy
· Aguaje
· Women’s whole food based multivitamins

If you are seriously ready to start:

  • Balancing out your hormones safely.
  • Reducing belly fat naturally. 
  • And reshaping your apple shaped body into an hourglass... 
Symplex F is the best natural base hormonal supplement that can help. 

Symplex F will:

  • Aid in regulation of many female sex hormones 
  • Helps maintain a healthy function of glands and organs 
  • Help in balancing female sexual functions … 
Resulting in the redistribution of fat, and will make losing belly fat easier while also helping your body store more fat in buttock and breasts.

This supplement is also good with stabilizing your mood and clearing up acne!

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The Main Ingredients: Diet, Fitness, And Clothing 

There are many different ways an apple shaped women can go about changing the appearance of their body. However, this transition is not going to be easy and it’s going to take a lot of determination and support from others if you really want to change the way your body looks.  

Above all, you need to keep your main goal in mind always and start taking baby steps until this goal is reached. You’re going to need a lot of willpower in the long run so stay clear of anything that may block you from achieving your goal. 

This transition is going to be a complete lifestyle change and the main ingredients that will truly help you include diet, fitness, and day to day changes.

Why a Diet is important

I can’t express enough how important a good balance diet is for an apple shaped body. Your overall health is something you should always keep in mind if you want to transform to a more beautiful body and a longer fulfilled life. Women with an apple shape body tend to carry a lot of fat on their chest and belly. 

So, if you want to have a more hourglass figure you want to focus on slimming down these areas. Here below are the foods you should include in your diet to help drop off the excess fat and what foods you should avoid if you are an apple shape: 

1. Eat low glycemic foods. These types of foods speed up your metabolism which in the long run can aid with weight loss.

These Foods include:
  • Vegetables 
  • Fruits 
  • Nuts
  • Low-fat yogurts 
  • Soy milk or Almond Milk 
  • Whole grains

2. Foods Low in Carbs is Also Great to Help Lose Weight

These Foods Include:

  • Chicken 
  • Fish/Seafood  
  • Green Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Low servings of cheese 
  • Eggs
  • Lemons

3. Foods You Should Avoid at All Cost Include:

  • Sugar 
  • Bread 
  • Red meat 
  • Foods high in carbs
  • Fried foods

How Fitness Will Help Transform Your Apple Shaped Body

Fitness Is also very important if you want your body to look its best and get rid of that extra stubborn belly fat.  More importantly, working out is also good for your heart and your metabolism so that you keep burning the fat long after your workout sessions stop! Although starting an exercise regimen won’t be easy, if you stick with your goals it won’t take long before you start seeing results. 

Just make sure to keep visualizing how you want your body to look and how you will feel after everything is all said and done. The trick that many apple shaped women should keep in mind is that you want to decrease the size of your upper body while increasing the size of your lower body.

Smaller waist

The smaller you can get your waist the bigger you butt and hips will look! For this reason, you want to make sure you include the right exercises in your routine. Keep in mind that when you are burning calories you will lose weight all over.

Although this is true, don’t be afraid that you will lose the little fat that's around your butt and legs! When you are exercising the right way you will then see that most of the weight is burning in areas that are the fattest. Therefore, you will mainly burn off fat around your waist while the little fat in your lower body will decrease slowly.

To get started, you should dedicate 30 mins to an hour on intense exercises. Here below are the best workouts to transform your body from an apple shape to an hourglass:

Over-all Intense Cardio


· Dancing

· Swimming

· Stair climbing

· Pilates

Upper Body Workouts

· Push-ups

· Reverse Push-ups

· Crunches/Sit-up

· Twist Crunches

· Arm Extensions/ Arm Pushes

Lower Body Workouts

· Lunges (with weights)

· Squats (with weights)

· Sumo Squats (with weight)

· Deadlifts (with weights)

Why Weight Training is Important

If you are trying to increase the size of your lower body weight training is vital. Although cardio is good for all around weight loss, if you want to sculpt and tone while also building mass around your lower body it is important to utilize weight training. 

I recommend starting off small (10 to 20 pound weights), and then start increasing your weights at your on pace to see maximize results.  Please note that when you first begin weight training you will notice that you are burning fat fast in the areas you are targeting. 

But don’t let that discourage you. After a while, with persistent and increased weights, you will notice your lower body getting bigger and toned.

Click Here To Learn The Best Workouts That Will Help Build Your Lower Body 

How to Dress an Apple Shaped Body

Figuring out what clothes to buy or wear is already a hardship of its own, but it can be particularly difficult if you are an apple shape. However, there are certain styles that will help draw attention to your best assets to take away attention from areas such as your waist and breasts. 

Here Below are styling do’s and don ts when it comes to dressing for that apple shaped body.

Take the attention away from your midsection

1. Try wearing shirts that are darker in color and pants that are lighter to create the illusion of a smaller waist.

2. Consider wearing V-neck shirts.

3. Don't wear shirts that are too tight. This will only draw more attention to your midsection.

4. Avoid wearing loud shirts or shirts with a lot of different patterns.

5. Don't be afraid to wear shirts that emphasize your breasts.

6. Avoid halter tops, string straps, high neck shirts, or off the shoulder shirts as this will only make your upper body look bigger

Wear the Right Style Pants

1. Show off your sexy legs. Consider wearing shorts or dresses.

2. Avoid wearing skinny jeans or leggings this will only make your legs look smaller.

3. Wear pants with back pockets to give the illusion of a more defined butt.

4. Trouser cut, wide-legs, denim, and boot cut are great pants that will help make your lower body appear bigger.

Your Homework

1. To really determine whether you are indeed an apple shape, take your body measurements and write them down.

2. Talk with your doctor to determine if you have a hormonal imbalance. Also, start looking for natural ways to fix this problem.

3. Plan out a detailed diet and fitness routine to jump-start your apple to hourglass journey.

4. Figure out what styles can best accommodate your body.

I Hope the above information truly shed some light on what steps you need to take in order to transform your body from an apple shaped body to an hourglass. 

Please, if you like this post, share your thoughts below in the comment section!

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  1. This post is like gold dust! God bless you for me!

  2. I will try this, hope it help my apple shape��

  3. I'm really glad this is here. I am extremely self conscious about my apple shape and this just motivated me. Thank you��

  4. you shouldn't tell people to not eat red meat...
    and there really isn't a good time for anyone to eat soy milk/foods..

    it all depends on a persons metabolic type..
    there are some people that should be eating higher carbs lower protein and others who should be focused on high protein/high fat and low carbs... some people should eat a balance of fat/protein/carbs....

    diet generalizations don't work for one size fits all....

    1. Hello, a high protein diet for apple shaped women is extremely beneficial. It is known that protein helps burn excess fat. However, apple shaped women should be mindful of where they are getting their protein sources from. Too much red meat is full of harmful additives and hormones that can be detrimental to women who are apple shaped. It is harder to digest red meats. In fact, red meats can sit in your intestines for days before passing which causes bloating and other health hazards. I'm not saying red meat should be totally excluded from anyone's diet, but just don't eat high amounts of it and be sure to get a hefty amount of fiber to help with your digestive system. A healthier alternative to get acceptable amounts of protein would be from chicken, turkey, nuts, fish, etc.

    2. The focus should be on grass-fed or free range meats and wild caught fishes and not the type of meat. Chicken and turkey are not any better than red meat or pork if they are loaded with hormones and antibiotics as often is the case.

      "Apple" shaped women should avoid wheat and gluten containing grains which are inflammatory and body fat promoting. They should also stick to low carb and low sugar.

  5. How at the end its gonna say u can get a bigger butt 100% naturally but have to take pills,and cream,and stuff lol

  6. Thank you so much , this info has really motivated me!

  7. I'm ready to change my apple shape to hourglass and this information was greater than most information out here.,Thank you I am motivated as well!!!

  8. Hello Jordan! Anything for an inverted triangle shape? I enjoy your posts, do keep up the good work. I just got maca, fenugreek and dongquai. I hope that helps, I have no hips or butt😢

    1. Hey Lori, thank you! The inverted triangle body shape stores fat mostly in the upper body due to genetics or hormonal imbalance. You’re on the right track by taking supplements like maca, fenugreek, dongquai, and Pueraria Mirifica. These herbs will help balance your hormones and boost your estrogen levels which will help your body store more fat in the lower body. Adding in strength training workouts will give you even better results!

      Please keep me updated on your progress!

  9. I'm praying this works for me!! I have battled with pcos for several years now and due to its adverse effects on my body is went from being an hour glass to an apple shape thus ruining my self esteem!! I'm going to try this great advice a hopefully it works!!

    1. I know how you feel!! All through high school and college I've always had an hourglass figure!! After developing PCOS all of that changed!! I'm going to try this anday pray this helps me too!!


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