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Benefits of Taking Saw Palmetto for a Bigger Butt

Your breasts and your butt are your foremost assets. If you want to achieve a sexy hourglass figure just like that of Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Love Hewitt, then consider Saw Palmetto – one of the most famous herbs for bigger breasts and a bigger butt.

What is Saw Palmetto?

Saw Palmetto is an indigenous, palm-like plant that has long been used as food and medicine by Native Americans. The main component used in medical treatments is the fruit or berry that grows from the tree. These yellow berries, which turn into brownish-black color upon ripening, are dried and used for a variety of treatment purposes.

Active Ingredients in Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is rich in a variety of potent ingredients. It has flavonoids, plant sterols and fatty acids. It is also brimming with polysaccharides, sugars that are effective in boosting the immune system.

How does Saw Palmetto Make your Butt Bigger?

Saw Palmetto is said to mimic the effects of estrogen, a hormone innate in women. This hormone is …

Top Ways to Get a Bigger Butt Part Two

Looking to get an curvaceous booty? Good news: you don’t have to spend an arm and leg in order to get a juicy and bigger butt. Here are five natural (not to mention efficient) ways on how to get a bigger, sexy butt minus the tall price tag.

1. Decide on Delightful Denims

You might not know it, but choosing the right kind of jeans will create an illusion of a rounder bigger butt. Ideally, jeggings and skinny jeans will lift your butt and make them look rounder. However, if these jeans are too tight for your comfort, ‘looser’ straight denims and boot cut jeans will also do the trick.

When choosing denims, make sure to avoid dark-colored fabrics, as they will make your bum look smaller.

Apart from choosing the right kind of denim cut and color, you also need to consider the placing of the back pockets. Small yet elevated pockets will make your butt look bigger, as well as pockets embellished with differently-colored stitches and sequins. 

2. Hover with High Heels

High heels, while unc…

Top Ways to Get a Bigger Butt Part One

Do you want to have a ‘bootylicious’ body just like Beyonce – the singer who has popularized this big butt trend about a decade ago? Before you sign up for plastic surgery, you need to know that going under the knife is not the only solution for your bodily issues. In fact, you can get the drool-worthy  bigger butt that Beyonce is famously known for with these natural, pain-free methods: 

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1. Eating well for a bigger butt.

The shape of your butt will be determined by muscles known as glutes. If you want your butt muscles to get bigger but not rock hard, then you need to eat rear-defining foods such as: 

Lean meatsFish Avocados Lean fishWhole wheat bread & PastaGreen VegetablesDrink soy or almond milkfruits, nuts and legumes, to name a few. 
Not only will they help you in your goal of getting a bigger butt, they can trim your waistline as well. Cinching your waist, coincidentally…