Top Ways to Get a Bigger Butt Part One

Do you want to have a ‘bootylicious’ body just like Beyonce – the singer who has popularized this big butt trend about a decade ago? Before you sign up for plastic surgery, you need to know that going under the knife is not the only solution for your bodily issues. In fact, you can get the drool-worthy  bigger butt that Beyonce is famously known for with these natural, pain-free methods: 

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1. Eating well for a bigger butt.

The shape of your butt will be determined by muscles known as glutes. If you want your butt muscles to get bigger but not rock hard, then you need to eat rear-defining foods such as: 

  • Lean meats
  • Fish 
  • Avocados 
  • Lean fish
  • Whole wheat bread & Pasta
  • Green Vegetables
  • Drink soy or almond milk
  • fruits, nuts and legumes, to name a few. 

Not only will they help you in your goal of getting a bigger butt, they can trim your waistline as well. Cinching your waist, coincidentally, will also make your butt look bigger.

Also, if you're trying to get a bigger butt without gaining a bigger waist in the process try to stay away from bad foods such as:

  • Fried foods
  • Too Much Bread 
  • Sugar/Bakery Sweets
  • Processed Junk Foods

These types of foods will not make your butt bigger.. However, such foods will mess with your hormones and lead to excess belly fat along with other various health issues. To be safe try to eliminate all bad foods as much as possible.

2. Pop that pill!

Contrary to popular beliefs, there are butt pills that can help make your butt bigger with regular intake. One such supplement is the Bovine Ovary pill, which spikes the body’s estrogen levels – hormones that are responsible for accentuating your bosom and making a females butt bigger. 

If you are a hardcore vegan, a no-meat alternative is the Pueraria Mirafica pill from Thailand. Just like Bovine Ovary supplements, they boost estrogen levels in the body, resulting in a curvier behind. 

3. Find some fish oil.

For several decades, fish oil has been utilized because of its miraculous effects on muscle and bone health, among many others. But did you know that fish oil can actually make your butt bigger? Yes, you read that right!

According to experts, the usage of fish oil supplements – whether liquids, pills or creams – can help you achieve the bootylicious tail that you have always wanted. How is this possible? Fish oil supplements are brimming with Omega-3 fatty acids that can ‘fatten’ up your rear, thereby giving you the shapely booty that will be the envy of many! 

You can either take fish oil supplements orally for a bigger butt or rub the oil on your butt and leave on for 20 to 30 mins. (unscented fish oil is recommend)

4. Lather that lotion!

Apart from following a booty-beautifying diet and supplement schedule, another way that can hasten bum growth is the application of rear-enhancing lotions and creams. A popular choice is Volufiline, a concoction that helps increase the amount of fat storage in the rear.

5. Revitalize your rear.

While you are waiting for your pill, lotion and butt-improving diet to demonstrate their results, you don’t have to suffer in shyness because of your non-existent bum. You can channel bootylicious, Beyonce-like behind by wearing padded underwear or butt lifters for the time being.

Enhancing butt pads come in a variety of shapes and forms. You can use a silicon or foam pad and insert them in specialized panties. You can even stick these enhancers directly to your butt cheeks by using adhesive booty pads.

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Big booties are definitely beautiful! So if you want to exude the aura and confidence of celebrities with sexy behinds, then you know what you should do: follow these “au naturale” techniques on getting a bigger butt the all natural way!

Happy Butt Growing (^_^) 

Please Share your Thoughts and Questions Below In The Comment Section! 

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