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Can Running Help Make Your Butt Bigger?

Running is one of the ‘hippest’ exercises as of late, gaining flocks of famous fans such as Emma Watson and Katie Holmes. It boasts of a variety of health benefits, helping you trim your body and tighten your saggy muscles.

With the many perks that come with running, you will be happy to know that it can help make your butt bigger too! If you want to join the running bandwagon – and get a bigger butt along the way – then here are several pointers that can help you out:

Why Running Can Make Your Butt Bigger

Every time you run, you utilize your gluteus muscles – aka your butt muscles. Your glutes work hard to thrust your body forward and stabilize your hips as you try to cross the finish line. While running can make your bum leaner – therefore smaller than it was before – there are several modifications that can help you develop those tasty apple-shaped butts.

Want a Bigger Butt? Aim High!

If you want to make your butt bigger with running, then make sure to run gradients and steep slopes. Th…

Have you heard of Zhi Mu? This Plant May Be The Key To Make Your Butt Bigger!

A lot of herbal extracts claim to be the holy grail of butt enlarging. However, one plant that stands out above the rest that can make your butt bigger is the shrub called Zhi Mu. Used by Chinese medicine men for several centuries, Zhi Mu, also known as the Anemarrhena Rizome, might just be the answer to your bum-enhancing prayers.

What is Zhi Mu?

This herb from the Liliaceae family is indigenous in China, Japan and Korea. Because of its availability, it has been used by early Chinese shamans for treatment of several conditions. They are known to have a wide array of healing properties. According to scientific studies, Zhi Mu is effective in fighting bacteria and decreasing inflammation. In fact, it can even reduce a person’s risk of developing Diabetes. Most importantly, recent literature suggests that Zhi Mu is effective in curbing the onset of certain cancers.

How Can Zhi Mu Make Your Butt Bigger 

This miraculous herb contains saponins a compound formed by numerous sarsasapogenins. W…

How to Get a Bigger Butt With Weight Training: Bigger Butt Exercises

Even if you implore the Gluteus gods to hear your fervent prayers, it’s not how butt enlargement works. As with other body-beautifying regimen, you need to work hard if you want to have a bigger butt naturally.

In this light, the importance of weight training cannot be understated. So if you want to achieve an eye-catching rear, then here are all the things you need to know about this miracle of a workout:

Why Weight Training?

If you want to get a bigger butt naturally you can do so with natural supplements and other means to make your butt bigger. However, it is also highly important that you include weight training into your regime. This is because in order to get a sexier toned look to your butt, you have to constantly make your gluteus stronger. Some workouts, while beneficial for weight loss, can make your hind tail look saggy and droopy. If you wish to lose weight, and enlarge your butt, then weight training exercises, such as the ones that will be discussed below are the way to g…