Can Running Help Make Your Butt Bigger?

Running is one of the ‘hippest’ exercises as of late, gaining flocks of famous fans such as Emma Watson and Katie Holmes. It boasts of a variety of health benefits, helping you trim your body and tighten your saggy muscles.

With the many perks that come with running, you will be happy to know that it can help make your butt bigger too! If you want to join the running bandwagon – and get a bigger butt along the way – then here are several pointers that can help you out:

Why Running Can Make Your Butt Bigger

Every time you run, you utilize your gluteus muscles – aka your butt muscles. Your glutes work hard to thrust your body forward and stabilize your hips as you try to cross the finish line. While running can make your bum leaner – therefore smaller than it was before – there are several modifications that can help you develop those tasty apple-shaped butts.

Want a Bigger Butt? Aim High!

If you want to make your butt bigger with running, then make sure to run gradients and steep slopes. The effort involved in scaling the uphill and downhill climbs will force your glutes to work extra hard – making your butt bigger and firmer in the long run. The trick is that you want to make your butt stronger each and every time you work your glutes. So try to force yourself to push it to the limit with every workout!

Ride a Resistant Parachute

This might sound peculiar, but attaching a ‘running parachute’ to your body while you brisk around town can give you a bigger butt in a shorter amount of time. That’s because these specially-made parachutes add resistance to your run, enabling you to build strength over time.

According to health experts, parachutes are way better than wrist or ankle weights, because they don’t affect your joints. They just focus on working your butt muscles.

Sprinting = Sexier Butt

Jogging and casual running are effective in making your butt bigger, but it is not as effective as sprinting. That’s because this activity results in explosive movement that fosters the quick yet hard contractions of the glutes.

Unlike other activities, sprinting can improve your booty without transforming it into a rock-hard muscle reminiscent of Vin Diesel’s head. In fact, Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner include sprinting in their daily routines.

To make the most out of sprinting’s butt improving results; make sure to relax your shoulders as you are sprinting. Also keep in mind to limit the contact of your feet with the ground. Keep these body mechanics in mind and you are sure to get the bigger butt that will make the guys linger.

Also, remember that running may make your butt smaller because you will be burning fat from all over. So to avoid this from happening, make sure to include heavy weight training after each cardio workout session. This will ensure that you will be building your butt muscles bigger while burning the calories. Weight training combined with running/sprinting is a great way to make your butt bigger fast as well as give your bottom a sexy shape! 

Building a bigger booty does not need to be boring! With the modifications and alterations that you can do with sprinting and running, you can effectively build a juicier butt in just a short span of time!

Happy Butt Growing (^_^)


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