How to Get a Bigger Butt With Weight Training: Bigger Butt Exercises

Even if you implore the Gluteus gods to hear your fervent prayers, it’s not how butt enlargement works. As with other body-beautifying regimen, you need to work hard if you want to have a bigger butt naturally.

In this light, the importance of weight training cannot be understated. So if you want to achieve an eye-catching rear, then here are all the things you need to know about this miracle of a workout:

Why Weight Training?

If you want to get a bigger butt naturally you can do so with natural supplements and other means to make your butt bigger. However, it is also highly important that you include weight training into your regime. This is because in order to get a sexier toned look to your butt, you have to constantly make your gluteus stronger. Some workouts, while beneficial for weight loss, can make your hind tail look saggy and droopy. If you wish to lose weight, and enlarge your butt, then weight training exercises, such as the ones that will be discussed below are the way to go.

Wide Dumbbell Squats

Squats are effective in making your butt bigger. But if you want to hasten the process of enlarging your rear, then perform wide dumbbell squats. This workout is highly-effective in improving your bum (glutes) – just ask Kim Kardashian, who performs this exercise on a regular basis.

Start the workout by spreading your feet a little wider than your shoulder-shoulder measurement. Take hold of the dumbbells, making sure that your palms are facing upwards. Take a deep breath and lower your body, moving your hips and knees at the same time, until your calves are parallel with your hamstrings. Assume this position for a second before getting back to the starting position. Complete 8-12 repetitions per set.

Here is a video example on how to preform this workout: 

Front then Back Dumbbell Lunges

By performing this workout 3 to 5 times a week, you can be certain that your results will stick long after the exercise is over.

  • For starters, pick up your dumbbells, and spread out your feet to the width of your shoulders. 
  • Take a deep breath and lunge forward with your dominant leg, lowering your hips in the process.
  • Make sure that your leg forms a 90-degree angle with the floor. 
  • Exhale and assume the starting position. 
  • Perform the lunge for 8 times before working on your other leg. 
Here is a video example on how to preform this workout: 

Stability Ball Leg Curl

Give your bum and legs a workout by engaging in the stability ball leg curl exercise. For this workout, what you just need are a mat and a stability ball.

Once you have these items ready, lie flat on your mat, ensuring that your palms are facing the floor. Lift your lower body and rest your feet on the stability ball. Take a deep breath and bend your knees, so that your calves can pull the ball towards you. Exhale and push the ball back to its starting position. Perform 8 reps per leg. Increase to 20 once you build resistance.

Here is a video example on how to preform this workout: 

Parting Words

If you want to make your butt bigger, then it is but essential that you work hard for it with the help of these weight training exercises. You need to remember, however, that your weight training workouts should come with healthy food choices and lifestyle modifications. Also, do not be afraid to increase your weights every week! You will not get super big in bulky, however you will get a sexy, firm, and did I mentioned bigger butt with every pound you add to your weight training workouts! =P

Weight training exercises are difficult at first, but they are very effective. Perform them regularly in order to have the delicious bum that Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are very famous for.

Happy Butt Growing! (^_^) 

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