Have you heard of Zhi Mu? This Plant May Be The Key To Make Your Butt Bigger!

A lot of herbal extracts claim to be the holy grail of butt enlarging. However, one plant that stands out above the rest that can make your butt bigger is the shrub called Zhi Mu. Used by Chinese medicine men for several centuries, Zhi Mu, also known as the Anemarrhena Rizome, might just be the answer to your bum-enhancing prayers.

What is Zhi Mu?

This herb from the Liliaceae family is indigenous in China, Japan and Korea. Because of its availability, it has been used by early Chinese shamans for treatment of several conditions. They are known to have a wide array of healing properties. According to scientific studies, Zhi Mu is effective in fighting bacteria and decreasing inflammation. In fact, it can even reduce a person’s risk of developing Diabetes. Most importantly, recent literature suggests that Zhi Mu is effective in curbing the onset of certain cancers.

How Can Zhi Mu Make Your Butt Bigger 

This miraculous herb contains saponins a compound formed by numerous sarsasapogenins. When they meet with the adipose tissue (fat) in your butt, these substances foster the immediate division and growth of the said fat cells, resulting in a firmer and bigger butt fast!

But that’s not all. When Zhi Mu is used in conjunction with other butt-defining substances, its sarsasapogenins can help increase the volume of fat stored in the area, therefore improving the bum-enhancing process.

Apart from sarsasapogenins, another factor that makes Zhi Mu an effective butt enlarger is its similarity with estrogen. Since it mimics the mechanism of estrogen, Zhi Mu brings about the beautifying effects of the hormone, such as a bigger butt and fuller breasts.


Zhi Mu comes in a number of preparations, so you can surely pick one that adheres to your preferences and lifestyle. Capsules and teas are widely available, but if you want the pure power of the herb, you can boil the plant in water and come up with a tasty soup recipe.

For best results, take 3-6 capsules (500 mg each) every day. As for tea, consume 2-3 glasses of Zhi Mu extracts daily.


While Zhi Mu is generally safe to ingest, it should be avoided by pregnant and nursing mothers, because of the lack of scientific literature that supports the safety of Zhi Mu during maternity.

Zhi Mu should also be avoided by ladies who are allergic to the herb’s constituents. If you are taking any medications, consult with your doctor first before starting with a Zhi Mu regimen.

The Verdict

Zhi Mu is a safe and effective herb that can help make your butt bigger naturally. In fact, this plant is utilized in a number of enhancing preparations, such as Volufiline.

To make the most out of its wonderful effects, follow the dosage recommendations on the label. Avoid going overboard, as you might develop health problems secondary to overdose.

Buttock enhancement surgery is not only expensive, it requires a significant amount of downtime as well. If you do not want to experience the pain and bankruptcy associated with plastic surgery, then go for a herbal supplement – such as Zhi Mu – for the improvement and enhancement of your butt.

You can find Zhi Mu at any health retail shop, or easily through amazon! 

Happy Butt Growing (^_^)

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  1. Do no ingest it.It can make you fatter all over your body.I buy the powder and mix it with baby oil and apply it topically on the area of your body where you want the fat to increase.

    1. I bought pure Zhi Mu and haven't seen any butt growth results from it. Have you? Maca & PM definitely works though.

    2. does the powder mix with the baby oil has have any results? I'm thinking on doing the same thing, can you please let me know if it worked?

    3. Can Zhi Mu cause Lipoma? Lipoma is caused by an overgrowth of fat cells. They can grow anywhere in the body where there are fat cells.
      Zhi Mu "fosters the immediate division and growth fat cells"
      Can Lipoma be a potential side effect?


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