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Make Butt Bigger 4 Ways To Get A Bigger Butt Natually

Q: Dear diary, I really want a quick easy way to make my butt bigger, juicer, and rounder. The problem is I don't know where to start and I need a simple way to achieve this goal. How can I get a bigger butt naturally and fast?

A: Well the answer is quite simple, and you should see results sooner than you think.. If you're really looking for the top and effective ways you can get a bigger butt the answer to your problem breaks down to four ways you can enhance the appearance of your buttocks. Here below are four tips on how to make your butt bigger naturally. 

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Bigger Butt Tip #1: Make Your Waist Smaller

Getting a Smaller Waist

The smaller you can get your waist while building up your butt, the more your hips will appear wider and your butt bigger and rounder. So for this reason, you want to make sure you include the right type of core exercises in your routine. If you’re going for the hourglass waist look, don't do any yoga or Pilates abdominal exercises as they will only give you that boxed, straight looking torsos. Try doing exercise such as jogging, belly dancing, twist crunches, and side crunches.

You Can Also Try Wearing a Girdle

By wearing a girdle often, it will start pushing the excess fat from you abdominal down to your hips. 

Not only will it instantly make your tummy smaller, the more you wear the girdle you will begin training your stomach to stay sucked in. So you should find a good girdle and try wearing it for the majority of the day. 

Bigger Butt Tip #2: Butt Enhancing Pills

There is still much controversy on whether these “Butt Pills” actually make your butt bigger as many claim. The main concept of butt enhancement pills is to regulate your hormonal balance so that you will gain more fat tissue in your butt, thighs, and breasts naturally, and less fat in your abdominal area. Although a lot of these “magic butt pills” are scams there are plenty of legit ones that many have had success with. Here are the most popular butt enhancement pills:
Maca Root

Maca helps by balancing out your hormones so you can produce more estrogen which helps you store more fat in your butt and thighs. If you're looking to learn more about Maca Root and why this herb helps make your butt bigger Click Here 

Major Curves 

Major Curves Butt Enhancement is a natural blend of Saw Palmetto Berries, Fenugreek Seed, Fennel Seed, Wild Mexican Yam, Blessed thistle, L-Tyrosine, Kelp, Dong Quai, and Mothers's Wort. This natural blend is proven to make your butt grow 100% naturally without any side effects. Click Here to read my full review on how major curves worked for me and many others.

Brand New Booty Female Butt Enhancement 

 Brand New Booty, a now trending butt supplement, will increase your butt size up 31%. In addition you will not gain any weight in unwanted areas such as your abdominal. You should only see results in your butt & thighs. The ingredients are all natural and there are no side effects other than a nice round booty.

Bigger Butt Tip #3: Enhancement Creams

Butt creams work by simply rubbing the product on your butt once or twice a day. You usually start seeing results after a few weeks to a few months depending on the product. You can also use the cream while taking butt enhancing pills. Here are the top creams that will help make your butt bigger naturally. 

Fish oil

I know this is not a cream and might not be the most popular tactic for getting a bigger booty, but many women including me have found much success by simply rubbing fish oil on your butt once or twice a day.  Just to warn you there is a bit of a smell so make sure to wrap plastic wrap around your butt after applying the oil or find unscented fish oil pills . If you do this 2 times a day with 1 – 2 capsules per butt cheek, you should start seeing result within 2 to 3 weeks.

CURVE- Natural Butt Enhancement Cream

CURVE is an all-natural butt enhancement cream proven to enlarge, firm, and lift your buttocks. Look and feel more confident than ever naturally, without risky surgeries or expensive implants. With CURVE you can grow inches around your butt within 60 days no matter what your body shape is..

Slim Extreme

By rubbing Slim Extreme on twice a day you will begin to see your buttock become fuller and rounder. Slim Extreme complex is based on Kigelia Africana improving elasticity of connective tissue fibers. Shapes the buttocks line and gives immediate push-up effect.

Bigger Butt Tip #4: Wear Butt Pads & Butt Lifters

Sakkas Women's Special Bottom Lifter

 Sakkas have a flexible material that accommodates to your body's figure. Special bottom lifter panty. Lifts up buttocks. Waist and Abdomen control. Shapes the thighs. Contains oats and milk. Wear it under everyday clothes or on special occasions for a more attractive figure

U-Turn Style Butt lifting Skinny Leg Pants

U-Turn Butt Lifting Jeans is a super stretch great fitting skinny leg jeans that feel and fit like leggings. They lift and enhance the features of your buttocks.. Extremely comfortable and perfect for any occasion.

Just remember you never have to resort to expensive and painful surgery to enhance the appearance of your butt. Through determination you can mold your body to how you prefer. Just know that no matter how you may feel on certain days or what someone says about you, you are always going to be beautiful inside and out!

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  1. I had a breast augmentation and buttock implants in January in mumbai with Dr. Milan doshi, she did a great job, you can contact her at

  2. Hi there. This is very informative especially to those ladies out there (like me) who seem to have superior inferiority to those curvy girls. I am very happy that we can enhance our body shapes in natural way plus the benefit of exercising. I guess products can be affordable and much way off danger than surgery. I just want to ask some questions in mind:

    1. Is fish oil for pets such as fish liver oil can be use? i found out that it is cheaper than other fish oils. i know that it may sound crazy for some, but i'm just wondering if it's applicable to use or it will have same effect. i just read that it contain also omega 3, vitamins, etc.

    2. do we need to constantly apply (for cream products) or take (for pills) to enhance butts and curvy areas? i mean, if a person using those products is satisfied with the result, can she stop applying or taking particular creams and pills mentioned above? what will happen if someone stop using these? I am just thinking if one will stop, does the size of butt shrink and will eventually go back to "no/less-butt" figure.

    Hope to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi & thank you for asking.. I'm not too sure about using pet fish oil but regular fish oil works just fine.
      Also, I know that when you stop applying fish oil your results may start to rubbed off. This is because fish oil helps with the elasticity of your skin which makes the surface look fuller. However, after you start seeing good results you can slow down with the fish oil and use other lotions and oils so your results will stick.
      Same goes for any other butt regime you start. After you start seeing some good results you can doing things like working out with weights, eating healthy, and apply any creams or oils seldomly so your results will stick.
      Hope this answer your questions:)
      Please let me know if you have anymore. .

    2. Hi hordan,I tried using the squat method,can I actually use the cod liver oil on my butt? I'm Nigerian and I really need those creams.hoping to hear from you soon.

    3. Cod liver oil with, vitamin E oil added, is a great alternative option if you can't use fish oil. Just be sure to be persistent in use in order to see results. Also, you can try ordering any creams on amazon.

    4. Do squats that ill work better, most of the people suggest to do this. Hope it will work.

  3. Lol kim kardashian bought her butt pads from

  4. hey i wanna ask did u hear about curvier you pills is it good to buy ?? need an answer plz

  5. I have no but at all and i just want a shapely body so i can model...

    1. hahha that sucks for you bitch

  6. This has been really helpful I will start with my fish oil 2moro I'm lukin 4wad 2 it

  7. im a boy and i want to make my ass bigest

  8. Yes, really this is what i'm looking for since past 3 days. At lats found a solution to make my butt more attractive. thank you for such a great info....

  9. I'm waiting for someone to say "I've tried it, it work" show me proof of it

  10. Hello, i've tried some of the butt enlargement pills and creams and they are rather working on the boobs. what suggestions will you give. Besides how can one get these products in Nigeria

  11. Just going to a drug sture and buying Fenugreek, Maca Root, and Saw Palmetto help augment the booty and breasts!

  12. i am pregnant can i still rub the fish oil on my butt?

  13. So out of this three pills, which is the best

  14. iam in angola where can i buy those product? iam in need

  15. "Booty Wow" is excellent product why not on here

  16. Where can one get these products in Nigeria

  17. Take backshots let your spouse hit it from the back not necessarly in the butt but in the vagina make sure his hands is wear your back dimples are or if you dont have any then where they are supposed to me make sure he arches your back .... when his hips keeps hitting your butt cheeks it massages the muscles in it and it gets bigger . Trust me i had a flat butt and ever since weve been doing it like thos my butt os way bigger


    2. That is true. My husband and I did the same thing. It was unintentional but after a while he started noticing that my butt was actually getting bigger and it was about 2-3 before he started noticing that my butt wasnt small like it was but actually bigger.

  18. Look , I already got hips so will thus still help to make it bigger ?

  19. I heard a lot that maca root helps your curves and buttocks become bigger, but my question is whether maca also makes you gain weight in other places and of course it's not something that I want.

  20. make butt bigger without surgery just try to put booty wow it's just work like push up bra for the booty, and lifts the booty up without the need of padded underwear, silicon inserts, or booty enhancing pants.

  21. Hi, I just maked there; I got it now just use fish oil keep using until you feel comfortable..I really feel I got to loss my stomach now..I'm keep eating stack food. .

  22. I want to know where to buy the pants at!! There butts look AwESOMe!

  23. ��✋Grammar people..Please. Be happy with who you are


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