Buttock Augmentation Dangers: Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go Under The Knife

Butt Implants Dangers: Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go Under The Knife

Gaining a bigger butt can be one of the hardest body parts to get rounder, shapelier, and firmer. For this reason, many people each year begin looking into getting a butt augmentation. Although butt enhancement surgery can be a great option for some, there are many dangers associated with this procedure. If you are thinking about getting a buttock augmentations, here are five main concerns you should consider before going under the knife. 

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1. There is not a guarantee that after the surgery is done you will be satisfied with your  augmentation. There are many stories suffering around about some going under the knife just to wake up and hate the way their body looks.This is why you shouldn't choose any doctor to perform this surgery. Do your homework first. Search around the web and pull up surgeons close in your area. Next, be sure to look for reviews, ratings, and before and after pictures to see if other patient’s results are the kind you are looking for. After you have searched around a bit, you want to be sure you choose the right doctor. Try calling a couple of cosmetic surgery centers and ask to speak with a doctor. Then if you feel comfortable after speaking with a surgeon, set up a meeting to discuss future plans for your buttock augmentation.

2. Plastic surgeons may recommend the fat grafting instead of the silicone butt implants. Fat grafting is when the doctor uses liposuction to suck fat from other body parts and then transfers the fat into your lower body. Your surgeons will then purify the fat, inject into your buttock, and begin the contouring and sculpting processAlthough this is an good option for some, those that have little to no fat will not be able to do this procedure. Also, keep in mind that after the surgery is complete the "new fat" over time can reabsorb which may turn your butt into an asymmetrical buttock. This means that one of your butt cheeks may look bigger than the other. The good news is that recovery time is generally shorter than silicone butt implants, but the pain associated may out way the surgery process alone.

3.There is a slight possibility that your butt implants may tear or rupture. This will call for additional surgery and fees.

4.Since butt implant surgery is fairly new, the cost to get the procedure done can be pricey depending on the surgeon you choose. Fat grafting surgery may range from 2000 to 10000 dollars. Whereas butt implants may cost you anywhere from 5000 to 7000 dollars depending on how big you want your implants, the doctor you choose, and the cosmetic center you go to.

5.  Getting a buttock augmentation can be a very risky surgery. There is a great chance of bacterial infection which can end deadly. For this reason, never trust anyone that is preforming butt injections illegally, and go with a legitimate cosmetic surgeon. If you are considering getting a butt augmentation soon, think about it deeply before you make your final decision.

The video below is an example of a  buttock augmentation gone wrong.

Although getting a buttock augmentation can be a great alternative to achieve a bigger butt keep in mind the dangers may outweigh the good. There are plenty of 100% natural ways to grow your butt that are safer and healthier than getting  buttock augmentation or injections. If you are thinking about getting this surgery please keep the five listed concerns above in mind!    

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  1. A bigger butt is a combination of muscle & fat. Where fat is desposited on your body is subject to your genetics.
    buttock Implants

  2. For me, my shoulders are very wide and i' m not good looking ! I think i can't reduce my shoulders . so i need wide and curve butt . i can even decide to plastic surgery !
    Is is hurt ? ???? can i get wide butt after surgery ??? please reply me . it's my confidence! thank u

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  4. The blog has very useful information about Buttock Augmentation. I fill you should also describe few point of potential risk when person goes for Buttock Augmentation for example : Infection, Bleeding, Opening of the incisions with implant exposed requiring removal, Scarring ,Nerve damage etc .


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