3 Tricks That Will Instantly Make Your Butt Bigger

As controversial as butt enhancement pills are, they have been proven time and time again to be highly effective in making your butt bigger. However, it does take a while before you are able to see results that are substantial.

So if the clock is ticking and you need a way to make your butt look bigger this very moment while your supplements, creams, and exercises are in the process of working their long lasting magic, here are 3 tricks that will instantly make your butt bigger!

#1: Rock Those Heels!

Going out on a hot date tonight? If the answer is yes be sure to slip on your sexiest pair of stilettos to help draw attention to your all-natural curves. Yes that’s correct! Pumps are well-known for making your butt and breast appear bigger instantly! This is due to the fact that heels alter the spinal curvature causing your pelvis to tilt forward giving your bum an instant booty lift. Keep in mind that the higher your heels are the more your butt will look lifted!

#2: Invest in a Butt Lifter

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a butt pad, (which often feels like a big diaper) an alternative garment that will enhance your butt nicely is a butt lifter. Lifters are great for instantly making your butt look 10 times bigger, and most also come with tummy control for additional support. Some even report that with constant use over time your butt will naturally lift on its own without the support of the garment. In addition to all the wonderful benefits of a butt lifter, it is also nice to know that it’s YOUR butt that everyone can't stop looking at and not a fake silicone butt pad!


#3: Clinch in Your Waist

Did you know that the smaller your waist is the bigger your butt will look? Yep that theory is 100% correct. Although this may be true, trimming your waistline down through diet and exercise can only be achieved over time. If you want to instantly slim down your waist try wearing a waist trainer. Corsets or waist trimmers are known for reducing 3 to 4 inches off of your waist instantaneously making your hips appear wider and giving you that sleek-hourglass appearance. 

In addition, corsets are great for fixing your posture which will naturally accentuate your best assets, and provide you an overall look of confidence. Most under garments are comfortable to wear all day long so find that right one that best suits your body and enjoy those stares you’ll be getting all day long. 

So there you have it… 3 great tips that will immediately give you the illusion of a bigger butt without the sweat and tears!


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