3 Simple Tips to Tighten your Waist and Get a Bigger Butt

Trying to get a bigger butt while tightening your waist can sometimes feel like a losing battle right? Try as you may, as you start to lose your tummy, you also start to lose your butt.

It seems impossible to make your butt bigger while losing the fat around your tummy. But you wanna know a secret? It IS possible to tighten up your waist without losing your glutes. How? By following the 3 simple tips below.

1) Train your waist

It is possible to train your waist to become smaller without affecting your glutes. Waist trainers are making their way back into fashion; especially in the butt enhancing world. Most trainers work by compressing your abdominal area and back, causing a spike in temperature. As a result, you will lose more inches around you waist while also training your waist to form a more hourglass appeal. Wearing a waist trimmer is a sure-fire way to tighten it up without losing any fat in your butt.

2) Mind what you eat

There are certain foods that are awesome for fighting belly fat. Olives, nuts, avocados, fruit and seafood are all great at eliminating bad fats from the tummy area. There are also foods that are known for their butt-enhancing qualities. These include healthy proteins such as eggs, extra-lean minced beef, protein powder and Quinoa for healthy muscle recovery. Also a mixture of organic super foods like Maca, Pueraria Mirafica, and Aguaje. If you add a balance of fat-fighting foods and butt enhancement foods into your diet, you’re going to see great results.

3) Butt enhancing exercises

While exercise and diet alone aren’t going to give you significant results, they will make a difference. Focus on butt enhancing exercises such as squats, standing lunges and side leg raises. These will help to tone up the glutes, making your butt more sculpted and it will naturally appear larger.

Try finding a good butt targeting workout video; a different one for every week, and repeat it twice to three times a day. Add weights whenever you can! Here is an easy but effective butt routine to follow daily:

So there you have it, 3 simple tips to enhance those glutes and trim your waist naturally. Want more information on how to get a bigger butt? Click here to learn everything you need to know about getting a tighter waist and bigger butt.


  1. Train your waist is good solution for get a bigger butt :D


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