"How Can I Get Wider Hips" & A Bigger Butt Naturally

Q: Dear diary, what is a good way to get a bigger butt and wider hips through exercise?

A: When trying to build your lower body you need to know that you must have a good amount of fat around your hips and thighs so that the fat will cover up your muscles. This will help you add volume around your target area and give you a more "fuller" look.
Mainly people who naturally have wider hips can gain and lose weight and still have big hips due to genetics. But those that don’t gain fat around their lower body can still create a curvy hourglass look through muscle gain.

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What areas do I need to focus on decreasing in size?

1.   Smaller waist

You may hear this a million times but the smaller you can get your waist while building up your butt, the more your hips will appear wider and your rump rounder. 

To get a smaller waist you should control your calorie intake,eat foods that burn fat from your body, and exercise regularly. Healthy diet and exercise will help to increase your metabolism making it a lot easier to melt off the belly fat.

Start to eat the right kind of fats. Studies have shown that high level of monounsaturated fats helps to prevent the concentration of belly fat. Trans fats that are available in cookies and other processed foods can deposit on your abdomen, so you should avoid such fats. Getting a fair amount of fiber in your diet is vital if you want to regulate your digestive system and get rid of a bloated tummy.  

 A good exercise that targets your stomach are twisting crunches. To do this exercise correctly you need to first lie on your back. Keep your feet flat on the floor and bend your knees up. After bending your knees, you need to bring your fingers over your ear. After that, you can contract your abdominal muscles steadily. Lift your body up and down.

It is an easy and effective exercise that makes your body strong and healthy. Such types of exercises help to burn the extra fats on your abdomen and you can get a smaller waist easily. If you are interested in losing your body weight and achieving an hourglass waist, read how to get a bigger butt and lose belly fat.

2.   Build Your Hips With Daily Weight Training 

Weight training is the most effective way to get wider hips as well as a bigger butt. By adding weights to your lower body workouts you will quickly lift and shape your butt, and hips while also adding mass. However, if you do not perform these exercises properly you will not get the results you are seeking! 

Here are a few tips, and exercises that will give you mind blowing results and fast!

1. Alway start with light weights, (around 15 to 25 pounds,) and add on weight as you get stronger. If you find it easy to do 20-25 reps with your weights considering upping the pounds. 

2. Try to drink a protein shake or meal after your weight training to restore muscles. 

3. To target all of your hips and butt muscles alternate between various different lower body workouts.

4. Challenge yourself to do 50-100 reps daily of the following workouts:


  • Grab your weights or weighted backpack 
  • Plant your feet flat on the ground shoulder width apart
  • Point feet slightly outward 
  • Keep your back straight and bend down as though you are about to sit down (inhale) 
  • Extend back up and squeeze the glutes while doing so. (exhale) 

Sumo Squats 

  • Hold a kettlebell or dumbells weight between your legs.
  • Stand with your feet wider than hip distance.
  • Turn feet out 40 degrees, and then lower your hips down bending knees.
  • Make sure to keep your stomach in and back straight.

Stair Climbing

• With a weighted backpack, walk up and down the stairs. Make sure that the back of your foot touches the surface completely.
• Choose your reps according to your fitness level
• If stair climbing is not an option, try stepping up on a stool or chair…Repeat several times

This stair workout will have your butt burning!

Please know that gaining mass around your butt and thighs may take a little time depending on your genetics. Everyone’s body is different from the next. So, if you can create a vision in your mind and stick to your main goal with determination, you will begin seeing results sooner than later. I'll be here every step of the way to help you achieve your goal for a bigger butt!

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  1. I have been researching this subject online for awhile, because by bigger shoulders and slim hips sometimes make me feel unfeminine. People say I have a nice body, but I yearn for sexy wide hips and a more balanced figure. I hadn't paid much attention to my hips until this year, but through my late teens I developed a nice round butt from squats and doing track. My butt has since then "deflated", it's still there, but not enough to balance my bigger upper body. I have started doing butt exercises for about 2 weeks and already have noticed it getting bigger again :). But about the hips... I have high hipbones and have noticed that that is probably why they don't join up with the top of my femurs to form the outer curve I'm after. I have a body A LOT like Jessica Biel's. My question, after seeing a recurring theme of 2 things; working the outer but and hip muscles and eating to distribute fat in a more feminine way (mufas to discoaurage belly fat and soy to increase estrogen)- has anyone tried these two methods and ACTUALLY seen results? I can see how it may seem logical, but really there isn't much muscle around the hip, nor is there likely enough estrogen in soy foods to increase hip width, especially at my age (23). Thank you!

    1. I know exactly how you feel! When I turned 20 I started noticing that my shoulders were broad and my hips lean. I really hated that look! You’re right, it is really hard to gain muscle around your hips.. You have to workout your lower body pretty hard to start seeing any kind of results. Have you tried including heavier weights to your workout regimen? When I started to include weight training to my lower body exercises that’s when I really started seeing mass around my hips. At first I started off with 40 pound dumbbell weights when I did my squats and any other butt targeted workout. I keep increasing my weight often. Soy is good to increase estrogen also taking maca can aid in increasing estrogen as-well but you have to take faithfully & keep increasing your dosage every month to see results. They say maca doesn't work but you can’t take it for a month and expect to see amazing results.. So those are some things that helped me. As far as the wide shoulders… I don’t know about you but I am more prone to gaining weight around my arms and upper back so I make sure to do upper body exercises like pushups & arm raises with light weights and this helps make my shoulders look a little smaller. As long as you have a fit upper body and keep working on your lower you should start seeing the results you’re looking for! Hope this helps :)
      Here are some good targeted butt exercises (weight included) that should help also.

    2. I hate to burst your bubble, but there are really only two things that will really give you broader hips and/or a bigger bum: genetics and surgery. Diet and exercise will help a little, but, other than that, there is really not that much you can do. Plus, you cannot manipulate your body into storing fat/muscle in one specific area. If you tend to gain weight in upper body, well, that is your natural state, so that is where it will most likely go, and that is something you cannot really change. In addition, why does it matter? Who says the shape of your body defines how feminine you are? You can still have a beautiful and feminine body without wide hips, because what really matters is how you rock it.
      Just love your natural body.

    3. Er sorry to burst YOUR bubble anonymous person.
      perseverance worked for me.

      I am 5ft1 and 31 yrs old. I have not had children yet. I've always had a slim athletic build. Virtually no hips or body fat at all.
      Being a women in a girls body has always affected my confidence made worse by the fact my youngest sister who is 22 years old is 5"9 and has a figure like kim khadashian.

      If I ever wanted to gain weight I would have to eat well over 2500 calories a day which left me constantly bloated and full to the point where I would feel sick.
      I used weider weight gainer to help supplement my diet.
      At the same time I would take my herbal butt pills 2 times daily. These pills contained Mexican wild yam, blessed thistle, fennel, seed, Dong Quai, and fenugreek just to name a few of the ingredients.
      I also used a bust cream to enhance my top half which used similar ingredients to the butt pills.
      The butt cream I used has voluplus in it which helped to increase the fat cells in my butt and hips;
      In addition to all of this I Would go to the gym 4 times a week to use the stair climber, up hill tread mill and the leg bench press (heavy weights) I also did 100 squats nearly daily.
      I can honestly say my hips, butt and breast have grown.
      My waist has remained tiny.

      I feel amazing, very curvy, very womanly.
      I'm still not at the size I want to be but will keep taking my pills, creams and exercise until I reach my goal.
      Genetics is a big factor in how your body looks but there is hope as long as you have the perseverance and patience to put the work in YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR BODY!!!

      This once skinny little no butt chick is proof of that. You can have hips and butt if you work work work

    4. Thank you for the post. Very helpful

    5. Wait... my genetics have no hips on my dads side and hips on my mothers... i have no hips at all... is there a way for me to get them tho?

  2. Thank you for this post as I have started looking into building the muscles around my hips, as I naturally have narrow hips and board shoulders which are wider than my hips making me appear more mescaline. I started really caring about fitness and my body earlier in the year and went on a weight loss journey (Was a size 14 now at size 10) and was eager to shed a decent amount of weight which I did. My only problem now is that I am conformable with my weight and do not want to lose or gain anymore, but I want to build my hips and slim my waist in order to have a more feminine figure. My question is how do I do this without gaining or losing lots of weight if that makes sense. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you. x.x

    1. Hi Ericka, thank you for writing! Like you I have the same problem (board shoulders and narrow hips). When I gain weight my fat tends to go straight to my belly or upper back. Recently, I went on a weight loss journey and lost a ton of weight but I noticed that I still had a little fat on my stomach and narrow hips. Like you, I didn't want to lose any more weight so I changed up my fitness intensity a little. Instead of doing vigorous cardio which will burn fat, I focus more on weight training which will help tone and build muscle. What I would recommend is to start doing more targeted exercises. For example, if you want to get a smaller more defined waist, start doing a lot more core workouts to tone and sculpt your waist. Also, whenever I do any abdominal l exercises I wear a waist trainer something like a squeem for even better results! Here are some good abdominal workouts you should check out http://naturalcurvesdiaries.blogspot.com/2013/03/best-ab-workout-for-woman-melt-away.html

      As far as building your lower body weight training is the key, but you have to keep upping your weights to build more mass around your butt and thighs. I recommend starting off small with 20 pound weights then every week to two weeks up that amount by 5 to 10 pounds. So for example start off with 20 (or whatever weight you can handle) then the following week up that to 30 and so on… Here are some perfect (weights included) lower body workouts: http://naturalcurvesdiaries.blogspot.com/2013/06/bigger-butt-exercises-top-workouts-that.html

      I Hope this helps! Please write again and keep me updated :)

  3. Thank you for the reply, I will take these methods into consideration. Also in order for me to build my lower body do I have to be at a calorie surplus, eat more calories than I burn so that I'm not losing any weight, because I have read about this but still a bit confused. Or do I eat the amount of calories that maintains my weight? Or does it not really matter? I apologise for all the questions, I just don't want my hard work to be in vain. Thanks again.

    1. I would say eat enough to maintain your current body weight. However, if you're trying to build your lower body its going to take fat + muscle gain. It all depends on where distribute fat the most because you don't want to start gaining weight and it goes straight to unwanted areas . Try not to worry about it too much just make sure to keep a healthy diet & keep working on your problem areas. If you're at a weight that you are comfortable with then weight training is good enough to help you build your lower body. After a while, if you don't see any changes, then consider upping your calorie intake.

    2. Thank you Jordan for all your advice. I will definitely keep you posted :D x.x

  4. I realy want to get a wider hips and don't know what to do...my email address is graceadetayo93@yahoo.com and pls if u av any tips on hw to go abt it let me know

  5. I love your post cos is educative. I just have a problem that I absolutely need your help with. Since I was little I've always been skinny and people kept on insulting me cos of this including my teachers and friends. At age 18 I weigh 48kg which I think is underweight. I have really tiny boobs which am so ashamed of and I sometimes put cotton wool in my bra to make them look bigger. My butt is manageable but my hips are a different case altogether. The only thing I see there are just two bones by the side pointing out. I have no idea what to do. I desperately need your help. I just want bigger hips and butt. And by any chance if you know a way by which I can increase my breasts, I'll be very grateful. Thanks so much. Hope you reply soon.

    1. Hi & thank you! (^_^) I'm so sorry that you had to go through that! People can be unnecessarily rude at times but try not to take any of that to heart…

      I understand your concerns about being underweight and how this can cause some insecurities. I just have a few questions I would like to ask. First, are you consuming enough protein in your diet? Second, Are you taking any potent whole foods vitamins on a daily bases? Last, are you consuming enough calories each day according to your height? These can all play a factor into why you're not gaining weight properly.

      Also, here are a few articles on natural breast enhancement that you should check out:


      Please keep me updated!

    2. One more thing.. you can also speak with your doctor to check on how your hormones are balancing out. Low levels of estrogen could be the reason to why you're not gaining weight properly around your hips and breast.

      When you do speak with a doctor asks him/her if it's okay to take all the natural herbs listed below:

      Dong quai
      Women’s whole food based multivitamins

      These Herbs help increase levels of estrogen for some..

  6. brillant piece of information, I had come to know about your web-page from my friend hardkik, chennai,i have read atleast 9 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your webpage gives the best and the most interesting information.
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  7. im a model. my measurements are 32-23.5-33.5 my agency would like me to gain weight (im 97lbs, 44kilos) and 5 ft 7.... they want the weight to go to my boobs and butt....im really afraid my waist will get bigger too though. I have a hard time gaining wait due to a fast metabolism. do you think it might be best to wear a corset o a medicine band around the waist to get from 23.5 to 23 so that my hips and chest will look slightly larger??? I have wide sholders but not swimmers shoulders or anything...they jsut appear that way because im so thin. please help!

    1. Hello & thank you for writing.. I can see why gaining additional belly weight can cause some concerns. From the number of measurements you've stated it looks like you're an natural hourglass, so if you did gain weight the fat will most likely go to your butt and breasts. The key to gaining more weight is to eat more calories that you burn everyday. But don't settle for junk food eat foods rich in nutrition such as a lot of brown rice, lean meats, & wheat bread. Also, cut down on any cardio and do more weight training on your lower & upper body. If you are concerned that gaining more weight will cause more belly fat as well, corsets and waists trainers will definitely keep your midsection slim. It is also a good idea to do any abdominal workouts with your waist trainer on. I hope this helps! & sorry for the late reply.. please let me know if you have anymore questions :)

  8. Hello! Like the other posts, I too have a problem with gaining weight in my upper body. I'm trying to lose this belly fat and gain muscle/mass around my hip and butt area! I know that one can not spot train, so what are your best tips for losing belly and waist fat and to slim down the shoulder and upper back area? I'm fairly knowledgeable with fitness in general but I'm still learning how to achieve the hourglass (or close to it) shape! I'll start doing various youtube videos (specifically Lakera Lashae (she's awesome) to lose belly fat and overall toning and also start running up the stairs in my home a few times a day. I've already started taking the Maca (and it has really balanced out my hormones, I can tell by my cycle getting back in order), so hopefully that'll kick my butt growth in gear. I'll do 4 to 5 sets of squates 10 to 12 reps each, donkey kicks, lunges, deadlifts, etc., and all with 20 lb weights to start. I think I'll also incorporate yoga a few times per week as I really think that yoga is great for slimming the upper body and shaping the butt ...have you noticed Caucasian women (not to offend anyone) lately? They have really kicked up their yoga game and most of the ones I see coming out of the yoga studio have great asses (lol)! Anyway, who wants to join in on this journey with me? Maybe we can motivate one another by daily emails and workout routines!!!

    1. Hi Gwen! You’re on the right track with your daily routines. Using 20 pound weights with your lower body workout is a great start to a bigger and toned butt. Keep in mind that if you want to grow your butt bigger you have to get it stronger each time you preform your workouts. So for example, you're using 20 pound weights now so next week when you work out try upping your weight 5 to 10 pounds more. Keep upping your weight each week which will cause your butt muscles to get strong and bigger. The key to making your lower body look bigger is to shrink your upper body, so keep working on strengthen your abdominal and toning your arms and upper back. If you want to get rid of back fat try using smaller weights, like 5 to 10 pounds, and perform workouts like pull ups, bent over barbell rows, and lat pulls. All of these workouts targets that upper body and is extremely effective when you add weights.

      Also, if you’re going for that hourglass look, try wearing a waist trainer while doing any abdominal workout. This will help pull in your waist while also pushing belly fat down to your hips.

      Please keep us informed on your progress, and thanks for sharing your journey!

  9. Hi,am soo in need of a wider hips nd luvly butts buh I jst dunno why ma work out plan isn't helpin out,am seriously slimmin down nd ma tiny hips is reducin as well,pls can u help me out wit ur pro advice

  10. Your post is really great and impressive.thanks for sharing!!
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  11. I use to have more of an hour glass shape but a year ago, i started Jillian Michaels eexercise series, cut my cal intake a lot and was drinking six star protein with creatine in it. I noticed myvarms adding mass and bulking while my butt was getting flat. Since, ive stopped went back to eating trashy. Now i weigh 200 pound, 5'7.5 tall. My upper around back n shoulers are 49, my right arm is 13., my left arm is 14. My waist is 41 wwithout me holding it in, my hip measurement is 51. Can you help me? I want to have my hourglass shape back but now my shoulders and arms are basically the same width as my hips and bulky. How do i make my hips more muscular and add mass, but shrink my arms at the same time? Do i need to take thecreatine powder protein again to bulk up my butt or will bulk up my arm more? How much protein do i need a day to just add mass to my butt?

  12. Most possibly the best beneficial effect of a massage chair is that, it can increase endorphin levels. Endorphin is a chemical that run through our body and send signal to our mind or brain to be happy and feel good.

  13. Im a 16 year old girl and find it so hard to put weight on, I have a. fast metabolism and my legs are very skinny and my butt is flat. I really want bigger legs and a bigger butt. I've been doing squats and lunges but it just doesnt seem to be working at all. someone please help!

  14. squats is really effective but when you doing squats wear booty wow which help to make butt bigger fast.

  15. please try maca it has been only about 6 weeks and it is really making changes in my once totally flat lower body, i am convinced that if i can work for meit can definetely work for anyone else my butt is rounder and my thighs are wider and nicer and my hips area the upper part of my outer thighs is definetly accumulating fat and wider

    1. oes it also has worked for breast growth? are you trying only maca or is there something else you are taking?

  16. does it also has worked for breast growth? are you trying only maca or is there something else you are taking?

  17. Hey I am an hourglass shape . I wanted to build more and Make butt bigger... I had thick thighs as well... Hence I tried doing squats and butt exercises ever since that my butt is gone . . My thighs have reduced .. And now my upper body looks bigger... What Do I do to get them back ?

    1. Hello, are you adding weights when you do your squats? Heavy weights will help add more muscle around you glutes. Just doing regular squats will only tighten and tone your butt.

    2. I did not use weights while doing squats as I had seen many videos on YouTube . how do I do squats with weights .. Is there any correct way of doing it . . Because many people have different ways of doing it.. I don't want to do it the wrong way..

    3. Start by positioning the weights in your hands by your sides or hold them up close to your chest while preforming your squats. As you stated, there are plenty of videos on Youtube showing how to squat with weights correctly. I like to squat with the weights close to my chest and when I stand up in starting position I like to raise the weights above my head to work out my arms as well. You can either use a kettle bell or use free weights whatever feels most comfortable for you. Start off small with 10 to 15 pounds, and then gradually, once that starts to feel light, work your way up to 20-30 pounds or more to start building muscle. If you want a little guidance on how many squats you should be doing each day to get a bigger butt you can following the 30 day butt challenge It's hard, but it works!

  18. Hello dear I am really impressed with ur post. Pls, I need your aid... I am 5.9 ft tall, slim and I have slim waist and small shoulder. But I have butt and what I would like more is to have hips becos I don't have. Also what I can do to have my tommy very flat. I weigh 60kg but I would want my hips to enlarge, because I don't have at all. Thanks and God bless

  19. I used to feel like am unattractive because my boobs size is 32D (bigger than i wanted it to be) and my waistline is 29inches (at times 28inches) while my hips is looking masculine although am 36inches widt around my butt and hips (although i have flat butt or so i think). I do squat abit as i couldnt sit in the d squat position longer than 30secs each time i try it, then i'd do it 3times and say Goodbye to it till next time.
    I exercise 3times a week including crunches, squat and 5press ups at a time.
    I just want to know if there's anything am missing out!
    And besides i dont know what bodyshape to call myself. LOL
    need your help friends!

  20. Estrogen is the key here folks. The estrogen in your blood uptakes the fat cells and deposits them in what's called estrogen receptors. These are located in the hips and butt and thighs area in a woman. More estrogen flowing more cells deposited. Less estrogen less fat cells in those areas. So if you can find a natural remedy to increase estrogen levels in the blood go for it. If you can't ask your doctor to prescribe an estrogen based birth control pill. Take it for a year or two and diet and exercise during that time. At that point you will have maxed out any possible body change and you have to learn to live with what you have. Most women end that period with decently wide hips and large breasts. Sorry but that's the skinny on this whole thing.


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